I was hoping I could just fill stuff in on the planning calendar but it’s all tasks and requests over there. So this is what I’m facing this week:
–Consultation with genetic counselor, likely will plan for formal genetic testing. I tested negative once upon a time, but back then it was a very limited panel of BRCA1 or BRCA2. From what I hear, now it can covver up to 25 different genes or gene segments. So may be worth the trouble, especially as it will inform screening for the next generation.
–Breast MRI to see if there are any spots they missed before, and hopefully to see if there is any hidden lymph node involvement that didn’t show up on the mammo/ultrasound.
–MUGA — I thought they said this was a bone scan, but then I’ve heard “heart” so I actually don’t know what this is. I do know it involves a radioactive injection and lying in a room for an hour to let it make its rounds. So much fun. I’ll be sure to bring my headphones.

Tuesday is the big consultation with a medical oncologist, who is supposed to not be my main doctor who was unavailable right now. There is a whole mess of doctors who work together and one woman (Sara Keck) was recommended by the surgeon. Apparently one guy is absolutely awful (fired once by a friend, and the surgeon Warned me about him) so we’re relieved it’s not him. The expectation is that we’ll plan the chemo and schedule the last two things I have to do this coming week (port insertion and “chemo teach”).

I had an amazing conversation with a local mom who is friends with several of my friends. She is about a two months ahead of me with the same diagnosis, but she is getting different treatment, partly due to the fact that she is in Kaiser and we have Blue Shield PPO. She said she did a ton of research about all the treatments and she said she was happy to hear that I am likely doing the TCHP. She said it’s the best, right thing to do. It was reassuring.