Here is the info if anyone wants it for a reference:

The tumor is hormone-receptor negative and HER2-neu positive (+3). That last number makes it more aggressive than before, and the receptors are different than before, so it’s definitely considered a new cancer rather than a recurrence. It is currently Stage 2A, although that could change if the size is determined to be wrong or if it’s discovered anywhere else. They do not believe it has spread anywhere, but we’ll do blood work and an MRI to double check. It is 4.2 cm long.

The surgeon is pretty well convinced that I will do chemo before surgery. There are excellent results with HER2-targeted therapy, but the protocol means it goes hand in hand with chemo and it has to happen before. She’s not the final say on this, clearly, but her assumption is that I’ll do about 4 months of Taxotere, Carboplatin + Herceptin (and/or Perjeta). Then I’ll be looking at a bilateral mastectcomy in December or January.