I got through all of Sunday (day 10) outside of my bed, and I can’t properly articulate how pleasurable it was. I had a lay down a couple times for quiet, but was able to put my feet up in the TV room and avoid the cave of the bedroom. I was reminded low lovely our new home is; I’d forgotten there were other rooms at the bottom of the stairs, not to mention a whole backyard to play in. Cindy and Susan, who had been waiting a full week at the ready, were finally summoned to chop my hair. I am intending to go in stages as the hair goes: a big cut to get most of the weight off (accomplished), followed by a mohawk for Rennie (I promise pictures), then a buzz/shave if need be. We’ll see how it goes.

Energy feels pretty good, and–here is where the knocking wood comes in–it seems like the last two nasty side effects have abated. Knock knock. It’s been more than 24 hours since my last nose bleed. Knock knock knock. If it continues like this, I expect to have a relatively normal almost-two-weeks until the next treatment on August 7.

I need to profusely and heartily thank local friends who have brought beautiful spreads of sustenance and treats to the family. We have eaten well and felt the love and care (and tremendous skill!) that comes in tupperware and casserole dishes. It’s been a relief and a blessing to be take care of this way.

Thank you also to the friends both near and far who have offered help and support. i am so grateful to have you all in my life, on this path with me. Thank you.