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Hello see ya

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A quick note on this first day of December before I get surgery tomorrow. I will be in the hospital and offline for at least 5 days, and then will clock out with more days of being under pain meds and restricted movement, so I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the larger world beyond my bed.

In the holiday spirit of last week, I must thank you all for your support and kindness. I feel so lucky to have such a widespread and wonderful community. I don’t know if I can fully explain how much it has meant to me, how the love and strength has gotten me through… I hope to carry it bright and strong with me always to share with you in the future.

And of course carry it with me over the next few weeks, which are scarier to me than all that has gone before. For the first time ever I am happy for my prescription of anti-anxiety meds — I’ll be loading up on pills and trying to stay calm. I trust my doctors, and know that every day will get easier and easier, and I am SOOOOOO close to the worst being over, but all that rational thought doesn’t quite silence the gut-level twitches of fear and tension. Xanax take me away…