Hi people! Thanks Jen for posting updates for me, and thanks to everyone for following along with your good wishes and love and strength. I quite needed it. Surgery was harder than chemo by a long shot, partially I think due to the fact that I was still only weeks out of that badness. I probably went into the surgery a little anemic, and with a system not back to proper fighting fitness, it was a struggle for a few days. I needed two blood tranfusions, I lost a couple days of rest to a sort of limbic reaction of massive¬†sweats and nausea, making it harder to get strong as fast as we expected. We had to experiment quite a bit with medications (hate hate hate narcotics now) and once we got that figured out, progress came easier. There’s the whole other factor of the common difficulties of being in the hospital (poor sleep, rotating nurses of varying levels of skill and care, effort to communicate feelings and sensations) but i won’t spend too much time dwelling there. It was hard. A couple nurses were angels, my doctor and his assistant were awesome, and it’s over. I’m going through something of an emotional letdown now, having been holding myself tight even after chemo was over knowing I had to get through this — and I mostly did — so now the first sign of fatigue brings along tears and collapse I wasn’t expecting. But it’s understandable, if not mandatory, to be in this place, and I get better every day.

This afternoon I head back into the city for a check in with the plastic surgeon, and I’m hoping that the remaining 3 drains will be removed. If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll get my hope, if you don’t I’m going to spare you the willies a description may bring you. I’m also hoping to get a little more instruction about how to care for myself these next couple weeks (the discharge nurse had a VERY thick accent and I only get like every other sentence) and plan out when I’ll be able to drive, get out of bed on my own, wrap christmas presents, etc etc. I am more confident that Christmas will not be a bedridden weep-fest for me, it seems like I should be more independent by next week and can send my angel mother on to her next holiday visit.

More soon, perhaps even later with thumbs up from the surgeon!

EDITED TO ADD: the drains are out! Such sweet relief! And a general thumps up that I’m doing great.