Kate Riener Boyd

I fell in love with photography first, then typography and design, then eventually found my way onto the web. I love projects that cross over into all these areas: making a website that is laid out well, finding fonts that convey the right tone, working with sharp pictures that pull in viewers immediately. Throughout my working life I have found time to write, sometimes for money, sometimes for fun, always for clarity and understanding. Mostly I am drawn to projects where I can help people communicate, both with words and with images. You might say that enhancing communication is my mission.

I bring a varied work history to bear in all that do, and find that each experience has taught me something valuable. I was a writer and editor at a weekly business magazine, where I learned layout software and the value of a tight deadline. I have been an art teacher, a photography teacher, and a reading teacher—nothing will hone clarity of language and tone more than working with kids. I have done admin work, managed 1,000-page websites, built WordPress sites, designed logos, posters, and brochures for a variety of contracted clients. In between my regular gigs, I have temped everywhere from massive public relations firms to real estate offices and software companies. I hit the ground running, learn fast, and get the job done. I am well suited to freelance project work, and I love the variety and problem-solving that comes along with it.K8headshot

In 2012, my husband John and I stepped into the thriving parent-run performing arts program at McNear Elementary, due to the enthusiasm and talent of our kids and the community. John directed the fall show—featuring 4th, 5th and 6th graders—while I joined the production team for both fall and spring shows. I also wrote a few of the scripts: blatant thievery mashing up classic movies, current pop culture, and references only children of the ’80s understand. Those four years were a pinnacle of our lives, and may lead to more school-based performing arts and maybe even more playwriting.

We have two kids in junior high here in Petaluma, where they also participate in local theater. We moved here in 2008, my kids (and my marriage) were actually born in Chicago. They can’t imagine living anywhere else, and I can’t imagine going back to the snow or the humidity. We’re home now.