I was remarking to my friend Jenna on the way home after the infusion yesterday that it doesn’t quite feel like an accomplishment to have gotten the chemo itself: yesterday was a pretty easy day. Jenna and I had a lovely time visiting, I ate and drank well, we played cards and read and talked and laughed at everyone’s jokes. We had a Wonder Woman photo shoot and caught up.

And I knew going in that the first couple days weren’t bad, just groggy and restful, up until the Neulasta shot. Last time I visited the clinic Sunday morning, and by Monday I was trashed. Neulasta is built to boost the immune system by stimulating blood production, and seems to be the source of a lot of the deep ache and flu-like feeling.¬†This time, I got a nifty “On Body” auto-injector for the shot, set to deliver the medicine this evening around 7. I was nervous about it last night at Rennie’s play that someone was going to knock it loose, it sits on the back fleshy part of my upper left arm and is hard to see from the front, so I wrapped an ace bandage around as visual protection. All was fine, I was tired but made it through the fantastic performance of “Beauty and the Beast” without getting knocked around or needing to flee. Slept poorly, slight sensation of neuropathy in my forearms and legs, but didn’t quite verge into the full-on numbness I had last time. Yesterday the doctor told me that I may find symptoms are gentler this time as my body gets acclimated. I am cautiously optimistic. He also told me I have the kidney function of an 18-year-old, so I have that going for me.

So another play performance today, followed by resting up for the shot. They told me not to do anything too active today (not a big risk), and perhaps be very chill the hour before and after the shot (totally on the docket). My dear sister Jen arrives tomorrow late afternoon to help out this week, and we are both fantasizing about me being less bed ridden– quality sister time here I come!